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True to his diabolical moniker, Dr Freaks hath truly revelled in matters of profound filth and degradation, to wit, the much vaunted and highly anticipated 3rd episode of Dr Freaks has yet to emerge from his feculent and hazardous mind. Since sequestering himself deep within his mildewed laboratory, his time hath been consumed by furiously experimenting on regenerating the unguent behemoth, Morgrothh Envitus…BUT never fear freakonauts, sonic rebirth be close at hand, as the 3rd explosive episode of Dr Freaks is currently being expertly assembled by a subservient phalanx of ingratiating, and devilishly pungent, Grymtrills,  ergo come September 1st an ungodly tumult of underground riff splendour shalt assault thine quiverous senses, with greasy funny bones tickled by lurid humour, all fashioned with an extraordinary lack of good taste!  So peel back those needy lug pipes as your mind will is soon to be expertly freaked, and thine arse is bound to follow. EP 3 is to feature the expert guitar manifestos and visual splendour of: 

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5 Horse Johnson


Episode 1 begins tonight’s diabolic carnival with a mighty Confessor video, followed by Desert Rock Hero’s ‘The Truckfighters’ and The UK’s incendiary ‘Gutworm’. Leave the moribund minutia of your tawdry life behind as we present the first ever episode of the malefic and soon to-be infamous Podcast The Diabolic Mind of Dr Freaks..

Episode 2 of ‘The Diabolic Mind of Doctor Freaks’ contains the fabulous furry visuals of monolithic psychonauts, UFOMAMMUT, Lair of The Minotaur and OJM. It is unlikely that these delightful promos will be screened anywhere else, so please download the second high voltage episode of the ongoing heavy metal freak show that is, ‘The Diabolic Mind of Doctor Freaks’ For those viewers of a more delicate nature may we suggest that you down a litre of Bosen Jager before viewing this singular podcast. Freak your mind and your arse will follow!

The Diabolic Mind of Doctor Freaks is now fully online with listings on the iTunes Music Store and Podcast Alley. Please subscribe, it's free and you will recieve subsequent episodes automatically. Drag the podcast icon onto iTunes (or the Podcatcher of your choice) and you are done. Episode 1 is also available for download. You will require Quicktime 7 to view it. Just right click on 'To Download Episode 1,' and do a 'Save As'. Please report any problems with this site to info@drfreaks.com

Many thanks to our friends at The Roadburn Festival for publicising the podcast. Number 11 is on 22nd April 2006 and we would highly recommend you attend.


Here are a few kind words from our stout hearted converts.


 .” Along with ‘The Groove Tube’ & ‘The Kentucky Fried Movie,’ the lurid ‘Diabolic Mind Of Doctor Freaks’ successfully coerce the recoiling viewer  into a brutal, expressive nightmare that simultaneously beguiles and repulses with its undiluted vitriol and fearsome scuzz-tones. Yet, amongst all this chaotic discharge one gradually becomes aware of a palpable human fragility that tempers all the riotous discord...a landmark podcast!”

Isabella Mange-tout
Jim Kelly Stunt association.

 ‘Dr Freaks’ forgo any needless pretension and assaults the listener with a protean ability to rock out, letting loose a heap O’ righteously bruising boogie promo’s, replete with riffs fatter an’ slicker than a sacrificial pig…TASTY!  So what dost thou get for thine effort...A glorious forum for Barstool-greasy, sabbathoid, muscle rock promos that should enliven even the most jaded, biker blooze fanatic, rock the fuck on!”

Michael Berryman

If you have arrived here by accident and are intrigued, here is a small teaser trailer. Click here for Windows Media or here for Quicktime.


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